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41 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Joshua Hayes Says:

    Hey, I see you have a free giveaway of the day, anytime setup page, , I also noticed that online no one had an anytime setup for the activate file that you can get sometimes so I created a guide that allows you to use it anytime also which I discovered in the registry. (I haven’t posted this on any other site so you can be the first site wit a solution….)

    Giveaway Of The Day – How To Use The Activate.exe File Anytime.
    – Download zip archive from GiveAwayOfTheDay
    – Press WIN+R
    – Enter Regedit in the search box and press enter
    – Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software
    – Go back to the zip archive, extract and run the activater.
    – Once complete, locate the entry that the activator just placed.
    – If found, right click it and click export.
    – Choose where to put the file.
    – Locate the archive from GiveAwayOfTheDay and launch Setup.
    – Install your application normally.
    – If the application isn’t activated, close off the application, locate the file you created and run it. Press yes when asked. Once you have done so run the program again and it should be activated.
    – If the program still isn’t activated or you couldn’t find an application entry, then it must be located somewhere else in the registry.

    Great ways to know if you have the correct file:
    – Once you have exported the registry entry, delete it and THEN run Setup.
    – Once installation is finished, if the program isn’t activated, you must have the correct entry.
    – Close off application (make sure it ISN’T running in the system tray) and locate the file you exported and run it. Press yes when asked. Once you have done so run the program again and it should be activated.

    This was tested on 8 different applications from Giveaway of the day.

  2. James Moats Says:

    I recently discovered your site. However, it seems that everytime I try to use those things that are listed, there are either out od date, or they don’t work. Is there some way to search through them and find which ones are currently active?

  3. Ron Says:

    I just want to tell you this.
    That think it is utter rubbish from GOTD that they only leave one justn 1 day ti install and register the software.
    After that date is is not possible to re use it or use it anyway cos the deal is expired.
    I hope you ll see the cuasses why and also the reasons why i think that this is a rubbish way from GOTD.
    And that this is also upsetting and leave me not to inmidiately like the software that is given to us by the producers from that software.

    I am not against this SnowFox producers but i am against the GOTD.

    Where i come from we say, once iven stay s given.
    Never take back something what is once given,

    It gives no pleasant feeling.

    But in anycase i thank the producers of SnowFox.


  4. elsuirad Says:

    It’s good to have a site like this.
    Keep up the good sharing!

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