Giveaway : Picture Collage Maker Pro ( 20 licenses)

Picture Collage Maker Pro is a fun and easy to use program for creating photo collages and digital scrapbooks from your digital photos to share with friends and family-whether you’re just starting out or have been collaging for years . Within minutes, you will be able to build scrapbooks, collages, invitations, posters, calendars, or greeting cards.

Picture Collage Maker Pro allows you to create photo collages from your digital images. You can choose from a variety of template layouts or create your own design from scratch, apply image frames, masks, drop shadows and other effects.

Key features of Picture Collage Maker Pro

  • Easy to Use : Extremely easy to use. No Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary!
  • Create Collage : Allows you to create a mixed¨Cimage collage page by compiling various pictures of any size; then you can overlay, arrange, adjust and configure the images to match your taste.
  • Photo Collage Wizard : Offers a way to create a photo collage automatically, with selected photos and a single click of a button.
  • Real-Time Editing : Allows you to see your collage changes immediately, without saving and reopening the file.
  • File Formats  : Capable of processing most major graphic formats (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, WMF, TGA, PNG etc)
  • Default Templates : A large number of predefined layout designs or templates contained within Picture Collage Maker. You can use either preset templates or create your own page layouts.
  • Frames and Boarders – :  Included A large number of borders and frames are available in the collage program.
  • Backgrounds – : Included A large number of backgrounds are available in the collage program.
  • Clip Art – : Included A large number of cliparts are available in the collage program.

  • Photo Masks –  : Included A large number of masks are available in the collage program.
  • Download Additional Clipart, Backgrounds, Masks and Frames  : Offers additional collage resources online.
  • Layers : One image can overlap others on a collage page; you choose the order in which to layer the images by moving a selected layer to the back or to the front.
  • On Screen Text Entry  : Opens a text box on your photo collage project. You can resize and move the text to a precise location on your collage page.
  • Editable Text : Allows you to make changes to collage text, such as font style, size and color.
  • Move,Rotate, Resize, Flip Images : Move,Rotates, resizes and flips images inside a frame.
  • Photo Cropping : Allows you to trim away areas of your collage photo.
  • Move Frames O : n a collage project template page, you can rearrange the pre¨Cset frame display.
  • Delete Frames : E rase a frame from your collage resource files.
  • Stretch Frame to Fit Page : Decrease or increase frame size so it fits the collage project.
  • Page Orientation – Landscape : Sets the collage project page horizontally at 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall. (Other collage page sizes are available.)
  • Page Orientation – Portrait : Sets the collage project page vertically at 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall. (Other collage page sizes are available.)
  • Filters and Photo Effects : Advanced photo editing tools allow you to stylize the look of collage images through the use various filters, such as a grayscale filter, sharpen filter, and a blur filter.
  • Light & Color Managemanet : Allows you to edit image light and color. Picture Collage Maker give you nearly as much control as offered in basic photo editing software packages.
  • Multiple Undos : Allows you to undo several recent collage changes as a group.
  • Send Photo via Email : Send your collage projects to others through email.
  • Print : Print your collage project.
  • Save Collage as Single Picture : Save your collage project as a single picture.
  • Set as Wallpaper : Set your finished collage page as desktop wallpaper or Wallpaper Slideshow.

Download Picture Collage Maker Pro 2.4.6

Photo Collage Samples

Picture Collage Maker Pro homepage

Making a Photo Collage
Its very  easy and simple to make an amazing photo college by yourselves .

1) Select and add the photos by creating a new project

2) next you can design the college : Edit photo collage.Apply frames, borders, and masks. Add clipart, text, drop shadows, and a calendar. Crop your photos, and apply other effects.

3) Finally you can Save collage project as image files, set as desktop wallpaper,email and print your photo collage.
In my view , Picture Collage Maker Pro is a great piece of software with its large range of designs and styles which everyone will like for sure .

Giveaway : Picture Collage Maker Pro [20 licenses]

Normally Picture Collage Maker Pro costs  $ 39.90 , but thanks to Kathy Huang [Pearl Mountain Software] who has kindly offered 20 licenses free to the FreebieSoft readers

If you would like to win a copy of Picture Collage Maker Pro , follow the below giveaway rules

1) Write a simple comment by entering your name and  valid email addresss


2) Share this giveaway with your friends and family in Twitter , Facebook or other media .You can use the share button at the end of this post for easy share

3) Subscribe to FreebieSoft by email , so that you will never miss a cool freebie . You can also follow FreebieSoft on Twitter

4) This giveaway will end on Dec 31 and winners will be selected on Jan 1 .
Best of luck all .……

Thanks Kathy Huang ( Pearl Mountain Software) for this giveaway

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  1. Ajay kumar Says:

    I Downloded tis soft ware.. plz send me regirtration key…

  2. CoolSite CEO Says:

    Best Software!

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