Get 1 year Online Armor Premium Firewall 4.5 license for free

Online Armor Premium Firewall 4.5 is one of the best Personal Firewall which protects your computer from Spyware, Trojan horses, keyloggers and other dangerous internet programs .Now for a limited time , you can get a free 1 year Online Armor Premium Firewall 4.5 license code from the PC WELT promo.

  • Online Armor protects your passwords and private information from being stolen by blocking keyloggers as they try to activate. Online Armors behaviour detection ensures that even specially created or new keyloggers are detected and prevented.
  • Online Armor Premium comes with “Banking Mode” that secures your internet banking session therefore protecting you from keyloggers and Phishing techniques

  • Online Armor comes with a powerful “HIPS” functions, which is designed to stop all unrecognised programs from running on your computer, makes it possible to protect yourself against new threats and attacks.
  • The Premium version of Online Armor has also many more protection features like Run Safer, Webshield, Mail shield and Phishing Filter and many more.

Key features of Online Armor Premium Firewall 4.5

  • Personal Firewall
    Online Armor’s new personal firewall provides awesome protection from inbound threats and complete control of data leaving your computer for the internet.
  • Identity Theft Protection
    Online Armor protects you from phishing and key logging techniques that these criminals use.
  • Prevent Spyware
    The program blocker gives you control of which programs are allowed to run on your computer. Known safe programs don’t harass you with popups, and dangerous programs will give a red warning popup so you can prevent them from running.
  • DNS Checker
    This stops programs from manipulating your windows settings to misdirect you to fake sites.
  • Hosts Checker
    Online Armor checks your HOSTS file and alerts you if anything changes. The hosts file can also be used to make your web browser visit sites other than the one you intended.
  • Tamper Protection
    Online Armor has a process guard function which guards not only itself against tampering, but protects other programs from malicious code.
  • Web Filter
    Many websites use tricks to install dangerous software on your computer. The type of software can range from the irritating display of popup advertising, through to software designed to steal information or defraud you.

How to get free 1 year Online Armor Premium Firewall license code

1) Go to the Online Armor Premium Firewall PC World magazine promo page here

2 ) Click on the button ” Gratis Holen ” or Hier erhalten Sie die Seriennummer! link.

3)Fill out the online form by entering your name and email address. and click the button “Lizenz anfordern

4)Check your mailbox now .
You will get an email from containing your free 1 year Online Armor Premium Firewall 4.5 license and download link


– Free licenses must be activated within 30 days.
– Only For Windows XP (32bit), Vista (32bit) and 7 (32bit & 64bit)

If you are not able to register or get the registration page , you will have to use a German proxy .

Simply use the CyberGhost VPN Premium subscription serial number


4 Responses to “Get 1 year Online Armor Premium Firewall 4.5 license for free”

  1. Shlomo Says:

    Thank you FreeGeek.
    I’ve used Online Armor Premium for some time and it is really excellent. Far better than most firewall software available. About 2 months ago my subscription expired and I kept using the free version. Now you give us the information of this promo. I’ve got my new license key using my CyberGhost VPN account and had just to update my Online Armor account.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Angus Says:

    this trick finally worked for me .thanks for this info

  3. Rapidshare Says:

    Good Post!

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