Free 1 year Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 license code

KasperskyInternet Security is a very famous product that  has everything that you need to stay safe and secure while you’re surfing the web. It provides constant protection for you and your family – whether you work, bank, shop or play online. Now you can get a free 1 year KasperskyInternet Security 2011 license key for  Chinese version .But you can change the language later on .

For Kaspersky Internet Security 2011  Key Features and Benefits , visit homepage here

How to get free 1 year  KasperskyInternet Security 2011 license code

1) Go to the  Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 registration page and enter your email addres twice .

2)Enter the confirmation code in the next page and click to continue .

3) Your free 1 year  Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 license code will be shown in next page .

4) Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 chinese version from here .

5) Install Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 chinese version and enter the key when asked .

You must activate this code within one week .

Follow the below steps to switch to English from chinese language on KIS 2011

1)  After Installing Kaspersky  Internet Security 2011 Chinese version, restart your computer then press F8 and run in Safe Mode

2) In Safe Mode, open the Registry Editor ;type regedit in the Run box -> click OK and then navigate to the path environment as follows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ SOFTWARE/ KasperskyLab/ protected /AVP11/ environment

—> Now click Envinronment:

3 ) Do  any one of the steps below now .

a]  Look for SkinSwitchDisabled, double click it and change its Value data from 1 to 0 and click OK .


b]   look for Localization, double click it and change its value to en from sch by right-clicking and select Modify. Click Ok

4 )  Restart your computer now .

5) If you changed the value of SkinSwitchDisabled ( in above step  3.b ) then after restarting the computer, open KIS 2011 main panel and press Shift + F12 to get English interface

22 Responses to “Free 1 year Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 license code”

  1. Manup Says:

    thank for shre ..
    I am going to trying it now .

  2. Basmaht Says:

    I got my key .
    Thanks many for the information on KIS 2011 KEY

  3. Shlomo Says:

    Thanks a lot FreeGeeeK.
    Nice find. I’ve got my key and gonna install it now.
    Thanks again.

  4. Jimmy Says:

    I keep getting Verification code input error! on the second page

    • FreeGeek Says:

      Hello Jimmy ,

      Only 1 license /email/ip .

      If you tried to get more than one key from same ip , you will get that error in second step .

      If you want to grab more keys , just use the Cyberghost vpn premium software .
      Just change the servers each time .

      • Jimmy Says:

        Hi FreeGeek

        I did not try to get more than one key; I was trying for just one. Perhaps someone with Platinum Hide IP used my IP address; Evan with Platinum Hide IP activated still no go. No concern, plenty more free bees out there.

      • Jimmy Says:

        Hi FreeGeek

        After disabling “Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware’s website blocking” I finally got the serial; and am now downloading KIS….Thank you.

  5. freeboy Says:

    The above technique by FREEGEEK does not work.

    • FreeGeek Says:

      hello ,

      I am sorry if I there is some confusion .
      I have made the steps clear now .Please check above post now .

      in short ,

      – First go to below kEy in safe mode :


      – and change the value of SkinSwitchDisabled from 1 to 0.

      – Restart the Computer
      – Start KIS 2011 Press [ Shift + F12 ] to switch English Language interface.

  6. BigD Says:

    I got the key but when trying to activate it says it cant set up server connection. Same thing on any computer.

    • FreeGeek Says:

      Hi BigD ,
      There must be some internet connection problem.
      Please retry after some time . The license code has to be validated with kaspersky servers .

  7. alfhi syahrin Says:

    hello brother,…
    i cant change to english version,…
    my licence error if i change it’s to english version,…
    can u help me,..??

    • WhitemouseAV Says:

      You must download version for Promotion by Chinese to active.

    • FreeGeek Says:

      Hello ,
      Sorry for the late reply .
      For me the above method of registry modifying worked .Currently I am unable to suggest you a fix for the problem .I will inform you when I find a solution .

      But the truth is that it is a temporary solution only . Every time you start KIS 2011 or restart pc , the interface will return to Chinese . Whenever kis detects a virus or other notifications will be in Chinese pop ups . That is very inconvenient for many people .

  8. WhitemouseAV Says:

    Big promotion and long time to end.

    Anybody who see errors about anothers software tell me, thank!

  9. Angus Says:

    thanks for this.btw how long can I keep my key be4 activating it???

  10. john Says:

    Hi everyone, I can’t get a serial from the promowebsit . Can anybody send me 3 free serials voor my 3 computers? Please, will you send it to

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