Free Avanquest PowerDesk Professional 7 serial number

Avanquest PowerDesk Professional is a file management software that can easily organize your files, digital photos, MP3s and web images. Its powerful management functions allows you to completely customize your PC in just a few clicks.Now you can get a free serial number of Avanquest PowerDesk Professional 7

In addition, it provides tools to organize, search, edit, delete, move, sort, view, copy and even sync files or folders from external HDD, portable players, flash drives, etc.



Key features of Avanquest PowerDesk Professional

  • FTP – Lets you view FTP sites as though they were ordinary folders.
  • Sync Manager – Compare and synchronize the contents of two folders.
  • Size Manager – A powerful utility that shows you where and how the space on each of your drives is being used.
  • Dialog Helper – Enhances Open dialog boxes and Save dialog boxes by adding a list selections for previously opened files and previously opened folders.
  • Archive Manager – Users can easily compress and expand files from over 30 popular compression formats.
  • File Finder – Quickly locate files through searches by almost any criteria with its powerful “search engine” type tool


How to get for free Avanquest PowerDesk Professional with license code



Go to the Avanquest PowerDesk Professional registration page .

Fill out the online form with a valid email address



Check your mailbox now .
You will get an email from with subject Your activation details from Avanquest containing your Avanquest PowerDesk Professional serial number



Download Avanquest PowerDesk Professional 7 and install it .

10 Responses to “Free Avanquest PowerDesk Professional 7 serial number”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Thank you FreeGeek for all the great giveaway info’s and thanks to Avanquest for this giveaway. 🙂

  2. Tweets that mention Free Avanquest PowerDesk Professional 7 serial number « FreebieSoft -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Clubinformatik, FreebieSoft. FreebieSoft said: Free Avanquest PowerDesk Professional 7 serial number: […]

  3. Fate Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, FreeGeek.

    I assume we all get the same S/N since you posted here?
    Given the direct download link you post, is it really necessary to go through the registration?

    • FreeGeek Says:

      Hi fate ,

      as usual with Avanquest promos , its the same serial number for all .

      The advantage of registering is that you will get the license info in your email inbox , so that you can find it easily in future .

      but beware of the heavy marketing mails ( yes , spam ) From avanquest if you agree to subscribe 🙂

      • Fate Says:

        Thanks for the reply, FreeGeek.

        Too bad the S/N got blacklisted so fast, didn’t even get the chance to try it out. Thanks for trying to make it work for us.

        I have previous experience with their marketing emails. Fortunately, even if you’re not given an option to not subscribe originally , they always respect your decision to opt-out later, mail stops immediately.

  4. freegrab Says:

    It says the serial has been used and another required.Programme does not open

    • FreeGeek Says:

      Hi ,
      When i tried it first time , registration was o.k.
      Now its a problem.Everyone has the same serial and it is not accepted now .
      i am currently looking for a solution now .i will inform you if I get some working tips ….

  5. toolate Says:

    I had luck validating my copy by using the serial, and then adding these entries to my hosts file:

  6. toolate Says:

    Make sure there is at least one space between the loopback address and the url

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