Free 1 year Kingsoft Office 2010 serial number

Kingsoft Office offers the most popular features of Microsoft Office .Kingsoft Office 2010 offers a robust set of features for you to create professional documents . It contains three essential office applications: Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation, and Kingsoft Spreadsheets – all with a familiar interface and user-friendly functions.Now you can get a free one year full version serial number of Kingsoft Office 2010 from the Computer Shopper magazine UK promo .

Kingsoft Office 2010 contains Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation, and Kingsoft Spreadsheets to fulfill your needs of creating ideal content.

Kingsoft Writer 2010 lets you create professional and quality documents easily and efficiently.
Kingsoft Presentation 2010‘s advanced functions help you enhance your presentations in the most creative ways possible.
Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2010 gives you more efficiency and flexibility in data analysis.

Key Features of Kingsoft Office 2010

  • – Present your documents more easily
    You will discover that Kingsoft Office 2010 can be easily used to create your ideal content by using familiar menus and toolbars in Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  • – Communicate with your clients easily
    Kingsoft Office 2010 can successfully open, read or edit documents in Microsoft formats and vice versa, effectively helping you boost business productivity.
  • – Supports various operating systems
    Whether your computer is running on an old operating system or the latest Windows 7, Kingsoft Office 2010 runs on various operating systems smoothly without any worries.
  • Built-in PDF export
    You can convert your documents to PDF files with just a click of a button, saving cost and time.
  • – Compact file size, fast operation
    Kingsoft Office 2010 occupies minimal hard disk memory (approximately 56MB), but runs just as effectively as any equivalent office software. It only requires an appromixate installation time of 3 minutes.

Kingsoft also has many distinctive features; a Google toolbar, for instance, allows you to search the web from your word processor. Its lightweight nature also makes it an ideal choice for netbooks.

How to get free 0ne year Kingsoft Office 2010 serial number

The free license of of Kingsoft Office 2010 is available on the December 2010 issue DVD insert of the Computer Shopper magazine in the United Kingdom.

1) Download Kingsoft Office 2010 [ 57 MB]

2) Use the below Kingsoft Office 2010 serial number to get a 365  days full version  :


12 Responses to “Free 1 year Kingsoft Office 2010 serial number”

  1. Fate Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, FreeGeek.

    Will give this a whirl.
    I assume this will stop working after 365 days?
    I hope the S/N won’t get blacklisted (since it’s a mag one).

    Thanks again.

    • FreeGeek Says:

      Actually this is a 365 days evaluation copy ( ., extended trial version ) instead of the normal 90 day trial .
      So it would stop functioning after one year .
      Serial number works and it will not get blacklisted , since its given away through magazine dvd cover .

  2. kso_user Says:

    Computer Shopper promo is just for magazine subscibers. However the life-time license of Kingsoft Office 2010 can be purchased for only $39.95 …..

    [ edited]

    • Fate Says:

      (check where username links to).

      FreeGeek, apologies upfront if it’s not my place to say this.

      • FreeGeek Says:

        Hi fate ,

        Spammers are increasing these days and its tough to fight with them .
        Often it would be marked as spam comment by automatically , and some people peep in ..

  3. Jimmy Says:

    Thank you FreeGeek for this one; I will test it out. 🙂 See how it compares to m$ office 2007

  4. MCHAL Says:

    There is a nice and free alternative from Ashampoo (developed by SoftMaker Office in fact). It doesn’t expire, it’s no trial and it makes perfect PDF files! See here: (to get the license key) (get the suite from
    this link)

    Greetings from Brazil.

  5. Johar Says:

    Great Information, thanks For SN KingOffice very usefull

  6. bobsobol Says:

    You guys do know about Kingsoft 2012 free edition right? If not, I think this non-expiring demo is probably more interesting. Sadly I can find no British English spellchecker, so Ashampoo win on that score. I much prefer Kinsoft office to either Microsoft or Open (now Libra) Office. But that’s all personal. The files they make and read are all compatible with each other… more or less, and the features are pretty much the same.

    What do I like? I can say I don’t like the “ribbon” in MS Office post 2003 Edn. But I really like how fast KSO opens up and is ready to use compared to MS / Libra. SoftMaker / Ashampoo are really fast too. I also find the installation size (a total 170 Meg ish in KSO2012 free, 67Meg for SMO2008) very reasonable. Since I don’t use Office productivity tools all that much, I don’t see much need to consume large amounts of drive space with these programs.

    I think you’ll find that even the cut down Microsoft Works is larger that either of these two suites. ^_^

    Hope that helps people weighing up the alternatives. 🙂

  7. bhavin Says:

    Thanks really nice

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