Halloween Treat and Big offers from SnowFox Software and Wondershare

Its Halloween on October 31 and now software vendors are offering huge discounts of their products . I had already shared with you about the Halloween giveaway from WinX – WinX DVD Ripper platinum . And now  SnowFox Software and Wondershare are alao  joining the celebrations offering huge discounts and special giveaways  this festive season

This exactly is not a freebies post . Rather I wish to share the Halloween promos from SnowFox Software and  Wondershare as they had requested to share this news with our readers


SnowFox Software

As a Halloween gift , they are having a special promotion which ends on October 31 .

Jodie from SnowFox Software has informed me about this

From email :

In celebration of Halloween, our SnowFox Software provides big special offers in this Halloween day – We offer totally free YouTube Downloader and Audio Converter.

Now , here is the deal .

Go to the SnowFox Software – Buy one Get one free Halloween promo page here .

If you buy any of the softwares –  DVD & Vido Converter , DVD Ripper , or Total Vido Converter, you  can get either one of Audio Converter or YouTube Downloader for free .
If you are interested , visit the above giveaway page .




Visit the wondershare Halloween discounts offer page here


As part of the Halloween celebrations , Wondershare is offering 90% off discounts for 20+ software products. Amy from Wondershare has informed me about the upcoming promo .

From  email :

This Halloween discount promotion supplies limited time deals,it begins at 12:00: 01 PM EDT and ends at 23:59:59 PM EDT each day from October 25, 2010 to October 31, 2010:

we will offer 2 to 3 different products at 80% to 90% off each day. Even in the on day, we will offer completely free licences.

For the mistery and surprises of the Halloween celebrations,our policy is that the next day discounts are unknown for users.

However I can give you deals of our products at the first day for your readers.They are as the followings:

Wondershare Photo Collage Studio    $7.90(orginal price:$29.95 ) link
Wondershare Video Converter for Mac   $7.90(orginal price:$49.00 ) link
Wondershare Video Converter Platinum   $7.90(orginal price:$35.95 ) link

So stay tuned if you are interested ..

What do you say guys …?
please leave your comments ..


7 Responses to “Halloween Treat and Big offers from SnowFox Software and Wondershare”

  1. amon Says:

    Those are great offers indeed.

    Thanks for the information.

  2. Fate Says:

    Hi FreeGeek,

    At first look, these are some impresive promos. But, I’d like to point out a couple of things.
    The Wondershare offer states “at 80% to 90% off”, i.e. minimum discount is 80%, yet all three products for the first day are priced at $7.90 (that’s not at least 80% for any of the two windows products). Given that Wondershare does giveaways quite often and during their Haloween promo they “will offer completely free licences”, one has to wonder if this is going to be very successful.

    Snowfox is going another route, but they put only three products in the bargain which don’t come exactly cheap. Not to mention that DVD & Video Converter seems to cover (feature wise) the other two, plus Audio Converter which is given for free (I’m not saying this lightly, I’ve gone through the specs & features on their site).

    So, comparing the two promos, if you go for the Wondershare products, it’ll come cheaper and you’ll end up with a bigger variety of products.

    Anyway, the Snowfox promo is out on the open already, will have to wait and see what Wondershare will offer each day.

    • FreeGeek Says:

      hello fate ,
      Thank you for evaluating the two offers .

      It seems Halloween is a major shopping season . Snowfox played it safe without much exciting offers , but some people may be interested in it .

      Wondershare is offering surprise discounts to 2-3 products daily .
      And regarding the exact math of 80 -90 % , lets wait and see the coming days offers . First day they are giving almost 70 – 80 % discount ..Is nt right ..?

      • Fate Says:

        Hi FreeGeek,

        Don’t get me wrong, the discount Wondershare’s offering is generous. It’s just that when you state you’re running a “80% to 90% off” promo and then put a fixed discount price tag, regardless of the initial prics, it feels a bit like a misleading advertising campaign.
        As I said in my first post, we’ll have to wait and see how it turn out.

        And yes, Snowfox does play it safe.

        As for “evaluating” the promos, well, the Internet has broadened the “local markets” for a lot of people, offering more variety and options for a number of goods and especially software. One thing you learn over time is to compare products and prices and not jump into the first “good deal” you see.

        • FreeGeek Says:

          You are right fate 🙂
          its tough for one person to chose a particular product from the wide range of software’s and catchy ads .

  3. zhuyunyer Says:

    The big special offer page is here.


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