FREE Steganos Privacy Suite 11 Serial number

Steganos Privacy Suite 11 is one of the best privacy and data protection suites available . It includes Safes ( Locks and encrypts ) , Password Manager , Shredder , E-mail and web favorites encryption functions, trace destructor, Steganography and optional Steganos AntiTheft. This tool is a good complement to your firewall and antivirus software with a first-rate data protection and encryption system. For a limited time , now you can get a free Serial number of Steganos Privacy Suite 11 from the computerbild promo .

Key Features of Steganos Privacy Suite 11

– Data safes that REALLY fit everything
Holds up to 512 GB of storage. Data safe size can be user defined and easily adjusted with intuitive controls.

– Steganos Portable Safe makes mobile data safe on USB sticks, mobile phones, iPods, CDs, and DVDs

– E-mails in a post office safe
Safeguards user e-mails, contacts, calendars, and more.

100% data delete with Steganos Shredder
Performs permanent and unrecoverable data delete

– Automatically erases digital footprint
SteganosTraceDestructor ensures work documents and last visited web sites can’t be spied out.

– Easy-as-pie password management
Steganos Password Manager Keeps all user passwords on-hand and automatically completes forms on websites

–  Steganos Password Generator
Creates strong password protection with just a few clicks.

– Password security check for the safest codes
Multilingual dictionary instantly flags and warns user about unsafe passwords.

– Open your Safe your way
Allows manual access to data safes using a USB stick, PDA, memory card, digicam, or iPod

– Private favorites stay private
Stores your favorite websites in a password protected favorites list. Includes plugins for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Faster and faster!

Supports hotkey, automatic login and drag-and-drop

Defeats Keyloggers with virtual keyboard
Supports virtual keyboard when typing in passwords to access safes.

Encrypt e-mails the easy way
Sends encrypted e-mails with a click of a mouse. E-mail recipient only needs a password, and the message decrypts itself automatically.

– Open Sesame with Steganos PicPass
Lets users access data safes by selecting a series of images as a password, eliminating the need to memorize long and complicated passwords.

– Steganography
Hides sensitive data in pictures and music.

– 256 Bit AES
Uses an uncrackable (and world renowned) 256 Bit AES security algorithm.

How to get free Steganos Privacy Suite 11 serial number

Earlier I had shared with you promo for Steganos Privacy Suite 10 , but this time its latest version available .

1)  Visit the Steganos Privacy Suite 11 registration page here

2) Fill out the online form with a valid email and click Abschicken button

3)Check your mailbox now .
You will get an email from Steganos GmbH with subject Steganos Privacy Suite™ 11 containing your free serial number of Steganos Privacy Suite 11

4) Download Steganos Privacy Suite 11 from homepage here .

Direct download link Steganos Privacy Suite 11 ( 33 MB)

Enjoy …!

5 Responses to “FREE Steganos Privacy Suite 11 Serial number”

  1. full Says:

    thank you, just received my licence code

  2. Jimmy Says:

    Thank you FreeGeek for this GOLD info and thanks to Steganos for the Giveaway 🙂

  3. Fate Says:

    Hi FreeGeek,

    Thanks for the heads up.

  4. mike Says:

    FYI, tried the Steganos USB encryption and when you insert the now encrypted Steganos USB drive into another computer it forces you to install the Steganos software on that other computer before you can access the encrypted data. The help files do not mention this step.

    Will continue to use the free Rohos_mini USB encryption which has a 2GB limit but works without installing anything and does not require admin user rights to access.

  5. ________ Says:

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity.

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