Download Ocster Backup Pro 5 free with unlock code

Ocster Backup Pro 5 is the successor to the highly regarded Ocster Backup Pro 4. It continues the focus on being a fully automatic and easy to use backup solution. You simply specify what you want backed up and when and then the software takes care of the rest.Ocster Backup Pro 5 is really easy to use and requires no technical knowledge at all. Now for a limited time , you can free download Ocster Backup Pro 5 with unlock code

Key Features of Ocster Backup Pro 5

– Fully Automatic: Creates fully automatic backups of your data
Easy to use Versioning: Easily access and restore different older versions of your files.
– Automatic Pausing: Backups are done in the background and are automatically paused to prevent them from slowing down other programs. Various system characteristics are monitored

– Outlook Support: Back up your Microsoft Outlook emails and calendars with a single mouse click.
– Stop & Resume: This is handy when the computer needs to be shut down, for example.
– Backup Reports: Detailed backup reports can be generated each time the backup is updated.

– Backup Report Emails: Backup reports can be automatically sent to an email address.
– Network support: Files and folders on network drives can also be backed up.
– Encryption: Backups are strongly encrypted and protected with a user password.
– Compression: Backups are compressed intelligently to save space.

– Scheduled: Backups can be started either automatically at scheduled times or manually by clicking a button.
– Storage Types: Backups can be stored on hard disk, USB sticks, network drives and Ocster Secure Storage.
– Supports Ocster Secure Storage: Stores the files in professional data centers

– Compression Algorithms: The software supports the following compression types: ZLib, LZMA Quick, LZMA Normal, LZMA Best
– Small File Optimization: Through smart uses of compression the software can achieve high compression rates, even with many small files.



How to get Ocster Backup Pro 5 for free


1) Visit the  Ocster Backup Pro 5 – Free for you  giveaway page here .
2) Download Ocster Backup Pro 5 .
The installer is in English / German

Direct download link here :   ocster_backup_pro5.exe (19.9 )

3) Start the installation process ,
When the installer prompts , click on the ” Register for free ” button .
4)Enter your email address and click ” Get Ocster Backup Pro 5 unlock code
5) Check your mailbox and enter the unlock code to finish the set up .




If you want to get an Ocster Backup Pro 5 unlock code only for future installation ( or stock keeping  🙂 ) , follow the below steps .

1) Visit the Ocster Backup Pro 5 unlock code giveaway page here

2) Enter your name and email address .



3)Check your inbox now .
You will get an email from Ocster <> with subject Unlocking Ocster Backup Pro 5 .
Click on the confirmation link in this first email to get your unlock code

4) Now you will get two seperate emails .

One email contains the Ocster Backup Pro 5 Unlock Code and the other email has Your Ocster account login details .





5 Responses to “Download Ocster Backup Pro 5 free with unlock code”

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  2. Kevin Says:

    Will the unlock code last for some time …
    How many days within should we activate code .
    Thanks for share …

  3. Master4 Says:

    Very advanced tool .
    i have been using business version . thanks for info on free v 5 unlock code

  4. Jimmy Says:

    Thank you freebiesoft for the info and Ocster for the app 🙂

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