FREE download 6 month Webroot SpySweeper 2011

Webroot Spy Sweeper is one of the most reliable Spyware Removal Software available . It offers you the most comprehensive antispyware solution available – 360 degrees of protection . It also Continuously monitor spyware before it can attack you pc .Now for a limited time you can get a free six months valid trial version with full functionality for free .

Key features of Webroot Spy Sweeper

– Advanced Anti-spyware Detection and Removal
Webroot Spy Sweeper’s advanced detection and spyware removal software is effective at fully removing even the most malicious spyware programs in a single sweep.

– Real-Time Anti-spyware Solution

This new version of Spy Sweeper advances the industry-standard in spyware removal software—stopping threats like Trojan-Downloader-LowZones and SpySheriff from ever installing in the first place.

– Enhanced Rootkit Discovery Methods
Malicious spyware uses rootkit technology to bury its files deep within your PC. Webroot Spy Sweeper finds and destroys these programs with robust rootkit discovery methods

– Always the most Current Anti-spyware solution
Webroot’s VersionGuard ensures your protection is always current by automatically installing free updates

– Easy to Use
With a streamlined security console and customizable options, Webroot Spy Sweeper makes scanning for spyware a breeze.

– Minimal Impact on Computer Performance
Scanning can be initiated in the background or after hours to minimize any impact to desktop performance.

– Accurate Risk Assessment
SpySweeper gives you a quick overview of each threat, what it does, and its potential danger.

Uninterrupted Games and Movies

How to get  6 months Webroot Spy Sweeper 2011 for free

This  is a Facebook giveaway

1) Go to the Webroot Spy Sweeper facebook giveaway page and click on the “ GET MY 6 MONTH ” button.

2) Your trial versions download will automatically start within seconds .. Save it to your pc and install .


Simply download the below setup file and install .

WebrootSecurityTrialSetup_EN.exe ( size 40.1 MB )


5 Responses to “FREE download 6 month Webroot SpySweeper 2011”

  1. Manup Says:

    thanks for the share .I am gonna us it now .

  2. Mark C Says:

    How do I get code ?

    • FreeGeek Says:

      Hello Mark C ,

      Simply download and install the setup file from above link .This is a special version with inbuilt code attached .

      • Mark C Says:

        I have downloaded from the link above,but when I open the program I am confronted with a box looking for a license code.I have also found a link that tells me if I click it I will be taken to a page to add my name and email address and register the program,when I click this link I am taken to Webroots home page where I see nowhere to add these details.
        Can you help ?

        • FreeGeek Says:

          Hello ,
          I think that you downloaded the wrong installer .
          Please download it from the facebook promo page link or direct link here

          After you install , restart the pc .
          No license code is required , you will get free updates for 6 months .
          I hope its clear..

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