Get FILEminimizer Pictures for FREE , If You Haven’t !

We need to compress digital photos to share it online with our friends , upload to social networking sites or just to save some extra hard disk space .Often we end up with losing the photo quality and destroys the beauty of the pic . FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0 from balesio software is a unique tool to use in such scenarios , which will compress the images without any major loss in quality . For a limited time , you can get a full version of this handy software from the promo .

FILEminimizer Pictures reduces the file size of JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP and EMF images, pictures and photos by up to 98% using an intelligent image compression technique which preserves the original quality. As FILEminimizer does not create any zip or rar archive, there is no unzipping necessary. The optimized images, photos and pictures are then much smaller, ideal for sharing on Facebook, Flickr and other online platforms

Key Features of FILEminimizer Pictures

Compress JPEG images and photos by up to 98%: your 5MB photos are reduced to 0.1MB and still look beautiful
Compress your BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG and EMF images and pictures by up to 98%
Keep the original file format – no unzipping required
Choose the most adequate compression from 4 different compression levels
Pack and Go: optimize your images and pictures and directly send them via email
Search Wizard: find and compress pictures, images and photos on PCs and networks
Batch Process

Visit homepage for more details .

How to get FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0 for free

1) Visit  the – FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0 promo page here

2)Fill out the online form with a valid email

3) Check your email inbox now .
You will get an email from balesio Team with subject FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0- Vollversion Personal Edition containing you registration details

4)   Download FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0 and install it .

Direct download link ( 4.43 MB )


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