Get Avanquest Fix-it Disk Optimizer for free today

Fix-it Disk Optimizer will Optimize and Defrag Your Hard Disk for Top Performance . It removes all the fragments from the hard disk by combining all the small chunks of free space. This helps to create a larger area of free space, which can then be used for better storage purposes and accessed more quickly.

Key features of Fix-it Disk Optimizer

* Clean your hard disk and remove unnecessary junk and duplicate files
* Defragment your hard disk to improve data access and PC performance
* Extend the life of your hard drive
* Optimize your PC with one-click. Easy for anyone – even novice users

Increased Data Access Times
Increases access times by rearranging the files stored on your drive.

– Simple and Easy to Use
Even though Fix-It Disk Optimizer has an advanced defragmentation engine, it is very simple and easy to to use.

– Minimal Space Requirements

It will work with hard drives having as low as 1 GB of free disk space.

– Safe and Reliable to Use
Fix-It Disk Optimizer’s engine is designed so that it does not cause any damage to your hard drive or the data stored on it.

– Efficiently Optimizes and Defragments the Hard Drive
it also rearranges the files based on modified date so that it increases data access times and improves overall system performance.

– Minimal use of System Resources
Writes contiguous files to the disk in such a way that minimal system resources are used.

– Graphical View and Summary Report
Calculates and displays the percentage of fragmentation on the disk with a graphical view.

– Disk Cleaner
Helps to Remove Junk and Obsolete Files from your System

– Disk Info
Fixes Disk Errors and Finds Possible Issues Before a Failure Occurs

How to get  Avanquest Fix-it Disk Optimizer for free

1) Visit the Fix-it Disk Optimizer giveaway page here
2) Click on the image to start the download .

direct link here


5 Responses to “Get Avanquest Fix-it Disk Optimizer for free today”

  1. amon Says:


    Thanks a lot for the info.
    Will give it a try.

  2. amon Says:

    I don’t find English language option.
    can you help please?

  3. ________ Says:

    No boot-time defragmentation — so sticking with Puran Defrag Free Edition…

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