Free download FilerFrog – an awesome shell extension tool

FilerFrog is a new and innovative way of manipulating files in windows explorer. FilerFrog integrates with windows explorer as a shell extension so it can provide you with tools to perform your every day file manipulation actions easily and efficiently . Now this awesome tool is free to download .

Key features of FilerFrog

– Extract Files To Folder
The easy way to move any number of files or folders to a new folder
– Extract Files From Folder
The quick way to move a folder’s content to its parent folder.
– Copy/Move Files and Folders
Copying and moving files and folders without hunting through My Computer looking for the same often-used destination folder.
– Delete Empty Files or Folders
Search and delete empty files and folders
– Copy Path to Clipboard
If you’ve ever wished you could copy a file or folder path to the clipboard, this is the tool you’ve been looking for.

– List of Files
Create a text or html file containing a list of the files and folders selected.
– Encrypt/Decrypt
FilerFrog’s powerful file encryption uses a strong RC4 stream cipher encryption, which is used in popular protocols such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and WEP (to secure wireless networks), combined with a private password of up to 256 characters
– Invert selection
Sometimes the simplest things can make our lives much easier. Invert selection is one of those things.
– Split and Join
Split a large file of any type into smaller pieces, making it easy to distribute on CD-ROMs, the Internet, or in e-mail attachments.
– Touch File
By touching your files you are updating the “Created”, “Modified” and “Accessed” time to the current time.

– Image Manipulation
Image manipulation options lets you do advanced operations on images easily and quickly
* Resize Image
* Put Logo On Image

– Image Album
With Image Album, you choose how to arrange your photos and the page size and FilerFrog does everything automatically from there

– Rename
FilerFrog has quite a few rather exciting built in options for renaming files and/or folders:

* Find Replace
* Auto Numbering
* Alphabetize
* Append
* Auto Numbering with Append
* Alphabetize with Append
* Make All Same Name

– Sort Desktop
FilerFrog’s Sort Desktop will arrange your desktop icons and form groups of them so you can find and access what you want easily and quickly

Visit homepage here
System Requirements:
Windows Vista\Vista64\XP\XP64\Windows7.
Disk Space: 5 megabytes of free space.

How to get FilerFrog  for free

Download FilerFrog from here and install it . Select 32 bit or 64 bit operating systems .

Direct download links ( size : 1.44 MB )

Download 32 bit
Download 64 bit



2 Responses to “Free download FilerFrog – an awesome shell extension tool”

  1. freegrab Says:

    Great tool Thanks from heart for you shared it. Amazed that it is free.

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