Back up your drivers with Driver Magician

Driver Magician is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for device drivers backup, restoration and update in Windows operation system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice.

Driver Magician has a built in database of the latest drivers with the ability to go to the Internet to receive the updates. If there are unknown devices in your PC, Driver Magician helps you to detect them easily and quickly with its built in hardware identifier database.

Features of Driver Magician : as per the developer

* Back up device driver files of your computer easily and quickly.
* Restore device drivers from backup easily and quickly.
* Update device drivers easily and quickly.
* Live Update device identifier database and driver update database.
* Uninstall device drivers
* Detect unknown devices.
* Back up more items such as My Documents and Registry.
* Restore more items from backup.

How to get Driver Magician  for free
1) Download Driver Magician (  v /  size3.74 MB ) and install
2) Use the below universal key from Giveawayoftheday

Registration name :    GiveawayOfTheDay

Registration code 2ELAFd1fD8-78A0B

Registration instructions

– Click Help/Register in the menu bar, the ‘Register’ window appears.

–  copy and paste  registration name and registration code  into respective textbox.

– Click ‘OK’ button and a message box with ‘Register successfully!’ will pop up.


One Response to “Back up your drivers with Driver Magician”

  1. Mahip Says:

    a very useful program ….
    I had missed this from gotd and was looking for .
    thanks for the heads up …

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