Free Web Page Maker

Web Page Maker is an easy to use web creator that helps you make your own web pages with no experience or HTML knowledge. Just drag and drop images, text, music and video.. into a layout. During the edit process, you can easily move the objects with your mouse to anywhere on the page. Web Page Maker comes with some high quality templates that help you to get started. Other features include thumbnail, mouse-over effects, ready-to-use Java Script effects, text link style sheet, tables, forms, iframes etc… The program also includes a built-in FTP publisher to allow you upload your site to the Internet by pressing a publish button. 

Main features:
*  No html coding is required and you do not need any web experience.
*  Drag and drop the objects. True WYSIWYG layout & design.
*  You can create websites with multiple pages and easily manage your site at once.
*  Create an unlimited number of websites (No Restrictions).
*  Pre-designed website templates are included.
*  You can embed audio and video files directly on your site.
*  You can use CSS style sheet to control how the text appears on your site.
*  Hundreds of functions: thumbnail, mouse-over effects, ready-to-use Java Script effects, text link style sheet, tables, forms, iFrames and much more…
*  You can publish all your pages on your site at one time with the built-in publisher function.
*  Your website will be compatible with any browser, including Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, not just Internet Explorer.

How to get it for free
1)   Download Web Page Maker (v3.21 , size 3.47 MB) and install .

2)   Use the below universal key from Giveawayoftheday .

Registration name :   Giveawayoftheday
Registration key :   30327-25322-54698-58561

3 ) Go to Help —> Register —> Enter registration code and restart the program  .

I hope some of you find this post as useful ..

18 Responses to “Free Web Page Maker”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Thank you sooo much! I lost my job and am struggling financially and you just saved me $50!

  2. Abdul Momin Says:

    Allahu Akber. Thank you very much.

  3. omg Says:

    omg thanks and good thing i got this when it just published and this website page is hard to find (I found it on google picture lol)

  4. Aftab Says:

    Thanks a lot! It worked fine.

  5. Agape Says:

    You are the bomb.

    You just saved me embarrassment of lending this software from a friend.


  6. nawaz jakhrani Says:

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yaar

  7. Dushyant Says:

    Thanks a lot buddy…. Huge Thanks to you:)))))))
    God bless you

  8. Krishna Prasad Says:

    hey friend tanks, and i need more templates for it

  9. Ian Thompson Says:

    I have the bought version 3.21 and the size is twice the size of this download. Why the difference?

    • Ian Thompson Says:

      Just looked around and the difference is probably the number of templates. My version has 8mb template folder compared to the free one which is about 1mb.

  10. SALIM Says:

    we aske Allah to give what u want thanks for this work

  11. ibrahim Says:

    untill it works

  12. Premjith k Says:

    Web page maker is cool,but i need the registration code i dont have

  13. Premjith k Says:

    Thanks a lot, i always wanted to make my own website

  14. tips wajah Says:

    awesome thaks for this share.

  15. manny Says:

    tnx a lot men! :))

  16. balouchrasheed Says:

    thanks loloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  17. kuroko11 Says:

    Thank you sir 😀

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