Free Uconomix Encryption Engine

Uconomix Encryption Engine is a file encryption utility. It protects your important files from unauthorized access by applying a password and converting them into unreadable junk for those who don’t have the password .Uconomix Encryption provides unbreakable protection. Encrypted files can not be viewed by uninstalling the software or by registry hacks or by using any other hacking/cracking software. They can be viewed ONLY by providing the correct password!

Uconomix Encryption Engine can password protect multiple files and entire folders  with just a few clicks. The encrypted files can be stored on any unsecured devices or can be sent through email without worrying about the security of the data. Uconomix Encryption Engine can encrypt any type of file like Word® documents, PDF documents, PowerPoint® presentations, Excel® worksheets, images, audio and video files and so on. No one can open the encrypted file without the password.


*  Strong 512 bit advanced encryption (SHA-512)
*  Provide your own passwords while encrypting the files
*  Encrypt hundreds of files in a go
*  Encrypt entire directories
*  Support for multiple languages
*  Option to delete or purge original files after encryption
*  Encrypt or decrypt directly from Windows Explorer
*  Useful for sending sensitive files through email
*  Encrypt ANY type of file

How to get it for free

1) Download Uconomix Encryption Engine ( from CNET ,  size 1.89 MB ) )and install it .

2) Use the below universal key from Giveawayoftheday .

Name :   Giveawayoftheday
Email :
Registration Key :   2950892870031429

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