Get NXPowerLite Desktop Edition for free

Hi guys , i am  back after a gap of about one week .I was down with some personal problems and now every thing is resolved .Today I will share with you about how to get  NXPowerLite Desktop Edition  for free which was offered at GOTD recently .

NXPowerLite Desktop Edition radically reduces the size of Word documents, Excelspreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and JPEG images.  They remain in their original format, with no discernible loss of quality – and there’s no need to unzip before using them. 

It’s incredibly easy to use.  Simply select a file, choose your compression level and click the ‘Optimize’ button.
If you use Lotus Notes or MicrosoftOutlook,  NXPowerLite Desktop Edition will automatically optimize email attachments as they are sent.

Key Features

Ease of use

Simple user interface
NXPowerLite Desktop Edition is fast, effective and incredibly easy to use. The simple user interface will feel instantly familiar and you’ll be optimising your PowerPoint, Word, Excel and JPEG files within seconds.

Choice of optimisation levels
You can optimise for screen, print or mobile devices – or select your own custom compression settings. You can also optimise a file by right-clicking it in Windows Explorer.

Batch processing
You can optimise multiple files in one sitting – simply drag them onto the NXPowerLite window to build a list of files to optimise.

Email integration

Automatically optimise attachments
NXPowerLite Desktop Edition integrates with your email client* to automatically optimise attachments.

Easily share your photos
Simplify the sharing of digital images with new JPEG compression built right into your email

System Requirements
NXPowerLite Desktop Edition is compatible with PCs running Microsoft 2000 or later.  MicrosoftOffice integration requires Office 2002 or later.

File Types Optimized
Microsoft Word (97-2008)
MicrosoftExcel (97-2008)
Microsoft  PowerPoint (97-2008)
Standard ZIP archives containing the  above

Supported Email Clients
MicrosoftOutlook (2002-2007)
Microsoft OutlookExpress (6.0+)
MicrosoftWindowsMail (6.0+)


How to get it for free

1) Download NXPowerLite Desktop Edition ( v , Size 5.68 MB ) and install

2) Use the below universal key from Giveawayoftheday

Name : Giveawayoftheday
Registration Code : AMFGF-D82AS-FKEXT-9XLVC-HJS78

To enter your registration code, either click on the ‘Enter Code…’ button that appears at the bottom of the NXPowerLite ‘About’ screen, or select ‘Enter registration code…’ from NXPowerLite’s ‘Help’ menu.  A window will appear containing boxes for you to enter your name and code.

Hope you make use of this tool ….
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2 Responses to “Get NXPowerLite Desktop Edition for free”

  1. mil Says:

    thank you!

  2. kurt chelsberg Says:

    Just wondering if there is an updated version of the free download available? I see that the updated version of NX Powerlite does not accept this older registration code…

    Thank you!

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