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All My Books is a computer utility for cataloging books from the home library . All My Books puts all your book collection in front of you. It displays the list of the books and book descriptions. To view a book card, simply click on a title from the book list and its card opens for viewing. If the database is large, you can locate a book via the book finder field on top of the main window. Key in the first letters of the book, and the program will instantly display the title. You can also browse your book database ordered the way you want.

Adding book to All My Books is a breeze to do. Just click on the Add button and key in the information about the book, such as author, title, ISBN, genre, publishing house, binding, number of pages, number of copies, location, rating, etc. Or, you can have this information downloaded by All My Books from the internet. Simply type in the book’s title, author or ISBN and the program will search various internet book databases – all in a few seconds!

Main features of All My Books

*  Fast downloading of book related information from internet book databases, including plot synopsis, reviews and book cover
*  Ability to store details about authors, editors and translators, including their photo
*  Visual appearance of a library using various skins (editable HTML templates are used)
*  Large number of standard fields in the book card (author, title, ISBN, genre, publishing house, binding, number of pages, number of copies, location, rating and others)
*  Support for user defined fields – an unlimited number of additional text and boolean fields
*  Extended functionality and new online book data import sources using third-party plugins
*  Statistical information about the book collection (statistics for genres, binding, authors etc.)
*  Export of the digital library into many formats – text, HTML, CHM, XLS (Microsoft Excel), export to mobile devices
*  Import of the existing book list in text or MS Excel format
* Fast search for book using specified criteria. The search is conducted in all standard and user defined fields
*  Protection of the book database by password
*  Easy to use book sharing manager – you’ll never forget whom and when you gave that book
*  Storage for an unlimited amount of additional graphic information for each of the books in the database
*  Support for e-books – you can store link to the file in the book card and open it directly from All My Books
*  Skinnable user interface
*  All My Books available in several languages: English, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Italian, Korean.

Virtual bookshelf view mode

Visit Home page

How to get it for Free now

1) Download All My Books and install it

2) Use the below universal key from Giveawayoftheday

Name :

Open the program —> Go to Help —> About—>Register—> Enter the code —> O.k .

Hope this tool is useful for book lovers …!

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9 Responses to “Get All My Books for free”

  1. Graham Toal Says:

    The key only works with the version from the GAOTD site (and you don’t need to enter it – it’s entered for you by the installer) – not with the current release from the author’s site. It *appears* to work but it says ‘thank you for your registration’ regardless of what you enter, and you’ll see when you quit and restart that it is still not registered (the About box). (So if you ever lose your hard drive contents and need to reinstall, you’d better have saved the underlying installer on the day when it was originally given away…)

    • FreeGeek Says:

      Hi Graham ,
      Thanks for pointing out the mistake .
      I had only tried it once and it showed Registered .I thought that it would work perfectly ..
      Yes there is a change in file size , the installer from home page is 5.61 MB while the saved GOTD installer is 5.63 MB ….!

      I had saved the original installer from GOTD and if any wants it , please comment here so that i can upload it to some file hosting sites and give you a direct link to download .

  2. cristi Says:

    I want the installer please

  3. Mury Says:

    I want the installer.please..

  4. Voffka Says:

    The secret link for All My Books purchase with 25% discount is below:

  5. Fabio Says:

    Any chance anyone still has it? Thanks

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