Download X-Setup Pro ( last version ) with free key

X-Setup Pro is an advanced Windows tweaking application.
It allows you to easily change over 2,000 settings that are normally hidden inside configuration files. Beside these hidden settings, it also allows you to easily change different settings in a consistent way, which are normally scattered across Windows.

As per the developer , ”  Because of the insolvency of WUG all operations regarding X-Setup Pro have been shut down

And now they are giving it free to all …

Key features:

*  Runs on any Windows version: Windows 95 to Windows Vista
*  Enables you to restore any changes made with X-Setup Pro with a simple click Restore Log
*  Choose either Classic or Seek & Tweak
*  Can be used on a bootable CD BartPE
*  Uses XML-based files for nearly everything
*  Completely plugin based Plugin description
*  Plugins can be created easily by the user using the X-Setup Pro SDK
*  Can ask you for your permission before anything happens
*  Safe Mode
* .REG file creation for distribution on the fly Record Mode
*  Allows you to search the plugin database Search

How to get it for free

1)  Go to this page and click to  Download

Or here is the direct download link  X-Setup Pro 9.2.100 ( size  4.21 MB )

2) Now start installation by double clicking on the exe file .

( If a previous version of X-Setup Pro is already installed, the setup program will detect this and reuse the folder you have installed the previous version to )

3) Enter the below key to register


4 ) Finish the installation .

Hope you can make use of this cool complex application ….!


2 Responses to “Download X-Setup Pro ( last version ) with free key”

  1. Kapil Says:

    Complex program, I will skip this one.

    • FreeGeek Says:

      Hi Kapil ,
      It seems to be complex , but its not that much . Its a collection of tools , which is aimed at the many people .So Use only tools you know and how to use .

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