Free Ad-Aware Plus 8.2.1 offer is Live now …!

The exclusive  Ad-Aware Plus giveaway has began .Grab it fast before the heavy rush begins . If you are late , you will experience server or activation problems .If you are new to Ad Aware plus , visit here to know more about its functions and features .The promotion runs between 9am GMT Thursday 27 May and 9am GMT Friday 28 May 2010.

So how to get it now ….

1) Go here and create a new user account .Its free and fast . Login now .

2) Here is the exclusive offer page .Remember you must be logged in to Download the software

Download size : 109 MB

If you had already installed the free version , uninstall it completely  to avoid activation problems

Activation details :

*  Ad-Aware Plus 8.2.1 (1-PC, 1-Year) is licensed exclusively from Lavasoft as part of this promotion

*  You will only be able to activate the product within the weekend period whilst the promotion is available. Please activate during the period of this promotion.

*  The serial code is built-in to the software. Activation is automatic, as soon as you start Ad-Aware Plus.

Do not try and register as this will result in an error. You should receive a 12-month license automatically and the license expiry date can be confirmed with ‘Manage License’.

Note that a number of people, with Ad-Aware Free installed, have reported that this download does not activate as the Plus Edition. This happens only when the Lavasoft activation server is too busy to interact with your Plus installation.


One Response to “Free Ad-Aware Plus 8.2.1 offer is Live now …!”

  1. Sarayu Says:

    Thanku for update …

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