Free TextMaker Viewer 2010

TextMaker Viewer is based on the technology of  TextMaker, the powerful word processor in the office suite SoftMaker Office.  TextMaker Viewer 2010 is a very lightweight application, that allows to view a huge range of common word processing formats. It lets you open, view, and print documents from Microsoft Word, TextMaker,, OpenDocument as well as other common office file formats.You will be able to quickly view and print documents without editing them.

TextMaker Viewer is free and can be freely distributed. For more details , visit TextMaker Viewer homepage  .

Supported file formats:
.docx, .docm Microsoft Word 2007
.sxw Text
.dotx, .dotm Microsoft Word 2007 templates
.rtf Rich Text Format
.doc Microsoft Word 6.0 up to Word 2007
.psw Pocket Word (Pocket PC)
.dot Microsoft Word templates 6.0 up to 2007
.pwd Pocket Word (Handheld PC)
tmd TextMaker 6.0 up to 2008
.htm/html HTML documents
.odt OpenDocument Text
.txt Text files (DOS, Windows, Unicode, UTF-8)

How to get TextMaker Viewer 2010 for Free:

1 ) To get the Registration code ,  visit this page and fill out the online form .

2 )   Download the installation file from here (direct link , size 4 MB )


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