Get 3D Ebook Cover for free

3D Ebook Cover is a software product that enables you to create high-definition 3D product shots.  It can be  for creating 3D images with quality approaching that of real life. Both the CPU and graphics card are utilized to increase rendering speed. This approach produces high-quality images even when working with the preliminary result in the Preview Window. To give realism to the images that are created, the user has a flexible mechanism for adjusting materials, light sources, shadows, and reflections. Tools for movement, rotation and changing object sizes help to build complicated scenes. Using the mouse in the Preview Window to control these tools is not only convenient, but allows accomplishing the desired result as quickly as possible.

Here are the key features :

*  There’s no 3D skills required – 3D Ebook Cover does all the work for you. Its easy to learn interface means you can be an expert user right away. It may just become your favorite hobby.

*  3D Ebook Cover generates images of outstanding quality and unsurpassed realism. It combines the power of the CPU and graphics card for faster rendering. With 3D Ebook Cover, interactive realism is now a reality.

*  Build a scene using one of 114 templates or by using the following objects: software box, brochure, CD box, DVD box, DVD/CD, hardcover, magazine, membership card, paperback, spiral memo book, spiral notebook, Vista box. Move, rotate, and scale objects using the mouse right in the Preview Window.

*  Use the transform tools to move, rotate, or scale objects in the scene.Besides being convenient, this allows you to quickly get the results you want.

*  Create eye-catching software box shots, spiral binders, CD/DVD cases, bundles and much more.

For more help , visit here .

System Requirements :

Windows XP; Windows Vista; or Windows 7; Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor, or better; 1.0 GB RAM; Video Card – DirectX 9.0c graphics card with Shader Model 2.0 support, and 256MB of VRAM; Hard Drive – 200MB

How to get it for free

1) Download it from here (Size: 13.3 MB)

2) Install  and Register  using the below universal key from Giveawayoftheday ( its a a loooong key, copy and paste it  )

nXghxjhra6ywvNm3QghxQQOPO3T2ZTbm/3hkBgqzKyvNEM25YpzIeD68NwznXTLdBGkEUjPuxHKsM8CrBY1hZetjHjhsI20XdI4/YLn9V8HkqB07sTjPalZUGdkfaDyM0qlKBlaOQ0qrJe0dskhwEN6V6PP31zBa4r1alytbeDvcfwsQfPW2FTiLoj9UW640pPl7n1a+O3cwN2Rug24BaIHS5a6mq7 VjgU6SsBXSKQ9856Khkw32Kui3wkncNy7n/sY578ATnlYBT1zk0D3wiSWmGz+1rLAx+H+N9UTck2bnUhc3iJIeneuy755ajzthppK2Clu62lgcxa51Cb/krQ==

Select —-> Help —> Enter Serial Number—> o k .

I hope some of you will find it useful .


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