Get Uconomix SnapLogger for free

*  Automatic Time Tracking Software for Windows
*  Record and play back your day like a movie.

SnapLogger keeps a visual track of your time so that you will never have to wonder how and where you spent your day. Record your screen activities and play them back like a movie to see what you did the whole day.Useful if you have to fill up a timesheet or want to bill a client for number of hours spent on his project. SnapLogger takes screenshots of your computer at regular intervals and plays it back like a movie showing what you did the whole day

Key Features :

*  Runs in background
*  Takes screenshots at specified intervals and saves them at a specified location
*  Provides a screenshot viewer that can play back the screenshots like a movie
*  Provides report of how much time was spent on individual applications throughout the day
*  Shows a report of number of hours the computer was active for
*  Lets you export the screenshots in a video format so that you can share it with others
*  Protects your screenshots with a password
*  You can control what SnapLogger can and can not record with filters

For the list of full features , visit here .

Download  SnapLogger 1.0 (1.15 MB)

After extracting this zip file you should have received three files.
1. Setup.exe
2. Setup.msi
3. Read Me First.txt
To install SnapLogger 1.0 double click on the file “Setup.exe”

Register with the following details

Hope you Enjoy this little tool .

Please leave your experiences on this software in comments .


4 Responses to “Get Uconomix SnapLogger for free”

  1. Tanu Says:

    Thdnx for the info

  2. what does my name mean Says:

    hi wats your myspace page

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