Get Global Clipboard Manager

Global Clipboard is a multifunctional clipboard manager. The program saves all the information that is copied to the clipboard. Therefore, you can restore any data used during your work. A flexible interface and convenient viewing make it possible to receive all the information on each data fragment.

The Global Clipboard manager allows filling in forms easily, because it keeps a list of necessary information that is always visible. Now you can see the number of strings, words and symbols of the copied text, and also the sizes of images or screenshots. With this program, you can use the clipboard to merge texts copied from different applications ,

Key features of the Global Clipboard

  1. The program allows keeping all data inserted in a clipboard for the subsequent manipulation with them. Global Clipboard gives the convenient interface for storage, changing, copying in a clipboard and saving these data in a file.
  2. Applications place the copied data in a clipboard in several formats.Global Clipboard allows viewing standard data formats, giving the user the fullest information.The program shows contents of a clipboard:
    • pictures (Bitmap, Metafile)
    • texts (Plain Text, Rich Text Format)
    • copied files and folders
    • sound fragments
    • information on presence of other binary data.
  3. Saving all slots with the data at the reloading of Windows and their restoring at the program’s run.
  4. The program gives statistics of a clipboard’s contents.
    • for the text: amount of strings, words and chars
    • for pictures: width and height
    • for the binary data: the size used in memory.
  5. For the text and graphic information there is a zoomed viewing.The amount of the shown data is tuning.
  6. Saving and loading the sets of slots that allows to use the various data for each kind of work.
  7. Executing the majority of operations by hotkeys, without showing the program’s main window.Data processing in a clipboard by hotkeys without distraction from work.For texts:
    • Convert to lowercase
    • Convert to uppercase
    • To begin words with capital
    • Case like in sentence
    • Inverting the case
    • Random case.

    For pictures:

    • Rotate to the left;
    • Rotate to the right
    • Rotate upside-down;
    • Flip vertically;
    • Flip horizontally;
    • Inverting colors.
  8. Analysis of a clipboard’s contents and running of the necessary application:
    • A browser or downloader for the URL
    • A mailer for the electronic address.
  9. Flexible adjusting interface of the program and a plenty of options.
  10. Full management by the keyboard. Working with texts, you do not have need to use the mouse – all necessary operations it is possible to make by pressing of several keys.

Global Clipboard Manager Homepage

Download link

Registration Details :

Registration name: Techishare Giveaway
License key: JKBP-GGWU-BCLP

Right click on Global Clipboard Manager icon from taskbar and
choose About. Enter your registration details to activate the full

Thats all…..!


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